Natasa Stamatari
Set & Costume Designer
The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint Exuperi     Directed by: Dimitra Choumeti - Lighting: Richard Anthony - Photography: Panagiotis Koutrakis      Amalia Theatre, Greece
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© Natasa Stamatari 2015
Perfect Sunday Music VideoArtist: Biggi - Directed by:Freymar Porbersson, Rory Mchard - Photography: Natasa Stamatari, London
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The Irrepressibles Photo Shoot  Photography: Ulli Richter - Hair & Make Up : Wakana Yoshihara, Marie
            Emergence  by The Pachamamas            Directed by: Lauren Sutherland - Underbelly,Lighting: Dominic Cooper            Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Photo shoot
Playing withGraphic Design
Light & Shadow Spectacle
Hold Me Until You Break
Meet Me Far From Gravity
Surface II:Dialogue on Beauty
        Pure Pleasure Seekers
GOTR - Lewes Festival, event          for Mumford & Sons 
Almost There
Candoco - Noturrnino
Plastic Eye Indian
GOTR - Olympic Park event         for Mumford & Sons
Klyne - Closer
The Irrepressibles    Photo Shoot
Perfect Sunday
The Trail of Crumbs
Black Masks
The Little Prince
Relinquish by Ross Howard London - Director: Maria Gaitanidi  - Photography: Laura The Vaults Festivak, Old Vic Tunnels
The Trail of Crumbs by Sally Luff, Luke KernaghanDirector: Luke Kernaghan, Lighting: Marc Anthony Cifre, RCSSD, London
Almost There by Foteini Georganta Directed by: Foteini Georganta - Lighting: Marc Anthony Cifre Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Black Masks by Leonid AndreyevInstallation/Performance, Aristotle University, Greece
Dialogue on Beauty by Raw MatterialLight & Sound Installation, Surface II,  The Crypt Gallery, London
Light & Shadow Spectacle The Irrepressibles Lighting : Andrew Hammond, Hair/make up: Giada Venturini, Photography: Louise Daamgard, Hitomi YodaLatitude festival, European Tour
Meet Me Far From Gravity  by Bottlefed  Site Specific comissioned by London Boroughs Photography: Richard Thomson, Keith Fitchett  Around London
Shlauchthaus, Bern, Switzerland
Vulpes Vulpes Gallery, London
Jackson's Lane, London, UK
Sophiensaele, Berlin
 Hold Me Until You Break by Bottlefed Ensemble  Lighting: Marc Anthony Cifre, tour in UK, Switzerland, Iceland, Germany, Spain
Natasa is a London based Designer originating from Thessaloniki, Greece. She completed a five year BA in Drama and Scenography at Aristotle University (Thessaloniki) and an MA in Scenography at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London).  Areas of work include Theatre, Dance, Film, Photography and Music.Natasa has an ongoing working relationship with companies such as Bottlefed (with whom won the Jury Prize of 'Best Performance' with Hold Me Until You Break at 100 Grad Festival in Berlin,Sophiensaele) and Raw Matterial. 
                                                                                                                                      COSTUME DESIGN & ART DIRECTION Klyne - Closer       |Music Video | Director: Jon Olav Stokke | Production: NTSH & Sky    Blue Films | London  Enter Lacuna         | Short Film  | Director: David Papadac | Production: BOTO House  London        Plastic Eye Indian  | Short Film | PLASTICS | Director, Concept & Design: Natasa   Stamatari London The Irrepressibles | Live Music | Latitude Festival, The Round Chapel, St. Barnabas         Chapel, The Space, European Tour Perfect Sunday      | Music Video | Biggi | Director: Freymar Porbersson | London  Metallic Body         | Photo shoot | Photography: Nuno Santos | London  The Irrepressibles | Photo Shoot | Photography: Ulli Richter | London  DESIGN FOR THEATRE & PERFORMANCE (selected) Notturnino | Candoco Dance Company | Choreography: Thomas Hauert | Lighting: Chahin Chalayan |   UK Tour (Laban, Queen Elizabeth Hall) and International  Immersive Theatre Events | Reuben Feels:   > Mumford & Sons GOTR Festival, Olympic Park, London and Lewes > Shenanigans, Bestival, Isle of White > Murder Mystery, Claridges, London> Johny Walker Blue Label, product launch, Edinburgh > Adidas: Greatest Run Ever, London  Birdhouse | Jammy Voo | Lighting: Dom Cooper | Jackson’s lane| London (Design Consultant)                   The Historians | Hot Ice Theatre | Lighting: Marc Cifre | UK tour (Design Consultant)  Relinquish by Ross Howard | Director: Maria Gaitanidi | Old Vic Tunnels, London  Pure Pleasure Seekers | Bottlefed | Lighting:Marc Cifre | IDNO, Reykjavic  Meet me Far From Gravity | Bottlefed | Site-specific | London Boroughs The Little Prince by S. Exyperi | Director: Dimitra Choumeti : Lighting: Richard Anthony |    Experimental Art Scene -Piramatiki Skini tis Technnis | Thessaloniki Hold Me Until You Break | Bottlefed | Lighting: Marc Cifre | Jacson’s Lane| Brunel Museum, UK - IDNO, Iceland |Shlauchaus, Bern | Vitoria, Spain | Sophiensaele, Berlin  Cloud In Trousers by Mayakovski | Director: Anna Ostregen | The Pleasance Theatre, London  Almost There by Foteini Georganta | Director: F. Georganta | Lighting: Marc Cifre | Fringe Festival, Edinburgh  PROP MAKING & PAINT EFFECTSThe Edge Of Tomorrow | Warner Bros | Paint Effects, Costume Breakdown | London Millington Associates Ltd |Prop Maker, Dresser and Team Manager for retail environments, window Installations and special events | Burberry, Apple, Selfridges, Harrods, Chanel, Asprey Monclare, Mullberry, M&S, Gucci, Nike, Levi’s,L’Artisan Parfumerie & many more| Europe, Asia, USA  Harvey Nichols | Production Department | London  ACADEMIC PROJECTS, EXHIBITIONS & FESTIVALS (selected) Next Dance Cinema Festival | Film: Plastic Eye Indian | Northwest Film Forum| Seattle, USA, 2015   Critical Costume International Exhibition| Film:Plastic Eye Indian |Aalto University, Finland, 2015  Critical CostumeInternational Exhibition | Plastic Eye Indian Costume | Edge Hill University, UK, 2013 Selected to present Body of Work at the Pecha Kucha Nights for Prague Quadrennial, 2011  The Aesthetics in Peter Greenaway’s Films: The Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover, Prospero’s Books, The Baby of Macon, The Pillow Book | Theoretical Dissertation | Aristotle University | Thessaloniki Black Masks by L.Andreyev | Dissertation/ Performance | Aristotle University | Thessaloniki, 2004  Macedonian Museum of Modern Art | Work Exhibited | Thessaloniki, 2004  EDUCATION MA Advanced Theatre Practice (scenography) Royal Central School of Speech and Drama,      2005       Film and Video - Short Course | X.A.N.Θ, Greece, 2004       B.A. Drama Studies(scenography) | 5 year course | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Drama Department, School of Fine Arts, Greece, 1999-2004 AWARDS Won with Bottlefed and Hold Me Until You Break  the Jury Award for 'Best Performance’ at the International 100 Grad Festival (out of 100 participating companies), Berlin, 2010 EndFragment
Latest News: Natasa has been busy working on the latest music video for Klyne’s ‘Closer’ as well as developing  work for the ‘Chamber of Flavours’, an immersive dining experience.
S  E  E  K  E  R  S
P  U R   E
Pure Pleasure Seekers by Bottlefed EnsembleLighting: Marc Anthony Cifre - IDNO, Iceland, 
P  L  E  A  S  U  R  E
                                    Birdhouse | Jammy Voo
                                    Relinquish | Raw Matterial
Event for Gentlemen of the Road, Mumford & Sons by Reuben FeelsOlympic Park, London
© Natasa Stamatari 2013
Event for Gentlemen of the Road, Mumford & Sons by Reuben FeelsLewes
                                    Notturnino | Candoco Dance
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                                     Plastic Eye Indian | Natasa Stamatari
                                      Klyne - ‘Get closer’ | Jon Olav Stokke                                                Music video
                                      Phaedra | Raw Material